Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1

The route I 'run' is about 3.5 miles. This is the first day I actually ran any of it. I've got Rodger's and Douglas's Complete Idiot's Guide to Running, and in it they suggest that we fatasses start off slow. Specifically, a 30-minute walk that includes five pairs of 1-minute-run, 1-minute-walk in the middle. ie 10 minute warmup, 10 minute of run/walk pairs, then 10 minute cooldown. This trip took me 76 minutes, about 5 minutes faster than my last trip. So It was sorta 30 minutes warmup, 15 minutes of run-1-minute, walk-2-minutes, then 30 minute cooldown.

3.5 miles in 80 minutes is 2.6 mph. At that pace, it'd take me 10 hours to complete a marathon.

I had fajitas for lunch. I think I can do em 0-added-carbs next time. This time I had a handful of chips (I was feeling low blood sugar by the time I ate lunch) and one tortilla, so I know I can cut that to 0 next time. Not necessarily 0-carb, I have no idea how much is in the various other foods; my goal is to cut out the chips and tortillas and bread, etc.

Dinner's coming up. I've been eating several meals each week at home. Some months I cook interesting stuff, other months I just get lazy and eat cold cuts. Tonight, it's gonna be salami, hummus, olives, and cheese. I bought some raw-milk cheese (emmentaler) and some olives at Whole Foods, so there'll be more of that in the coming days.

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